Two-year olds are loveable, yet struggle for their independence. At Little Saints and Scholars, your two year old will experience a caring and nurturing environment.  A great deal of their time is spent exploring, pushing, pulling, filling, dumping and touching.   Two-year olds enjoy looking at books, listening to stories, and singing songs.  They love to engage in make believe play such as talking on the telephone, cooking at the kitchen, caring for a baby doll.  Frustration can come easily while playing with friends and learning new tasks.  They enjoy social interaction but engage in parallel play where at times they may be possessive.  This might result in a toy being offered to a friend but then taking it back.  At Little Saints and Scholars we will provide safe outlets for physical activity and space exploration like small steps, boxes, barrels, tires, pulling and pushing toys, ride-on and ride-in toys.  Playing “parade” or “follow the leader”, finger plays and singing songs like “Old MacDonald” to help them develop.  Working on verbal skills and following simple directions will be incorporated in the daily routine by asking single step instructions such as “Close the door, please” or “Would you pick up the doll?”  Your toddler’s curiosity, imaginations and love of play will be fostered and nurtured at Little Saints & Scholars.