Little Saints and Scholars will help your three year old develop a firm foundation for their education. Three year olds are full of wonder and spend much of their time imitating and observing.  Their day is filled with busy exploration.  At Little Saints and Scholars we will provide opportunities for the three year old to perfect their fine and gross motor skills.  Activities such as stacking blocks, putting together puzzles, drawing circles and squares and playing with clay or play dough (pounds, rolls, and squeezes the dough) will be incorporated in the daily routine to develop fine motor skills.  We will work on gross motor skills by teaching them how to slither like a snake, walk like a crab, and hop like a bunny.  We will encourage reading and writing skills and develop eye-hand coordination.  They will also learn to recognize common everyday sounds, match an object or picture of that same sound.  Numbers, counting, and basic shapes will be introduced.  Little Saints and Scholars will foster your child’s natural curiosity and lead them through the discovery process to help find out how and why things happen and work.