"We absolutely love Little Saints & Scholars.  Our son flourished in his Tweets class this year.  At the beginning of the year, he had some struggles.  He had a new baby brother, and was adjusting to that big life change with some aggressive behavior and tantrums.  Through the loving guidance of his teachers, he emerged at the end of the school year a pleasant, vocal, potty-trained preschooler.  He came home from school every day with a big smile and a story about all the fun activities of the day.  He learned so much and had such a fun time making new friends.  The school communicates very well with the parents.  Through the weekly themes and posted daily activities, we knew what our child was learning and doing throughout the day.  The daily teacher notes let us know if he'd struggled with an activity or learned a new skill, so we could extend the learning at home.  We cannot wait for the next school year to begin!"                                 -Jenni and Jobin Panickr 2016

"I am so happy to have found LS&S for Ethan. A friend kept telling me how wonderful the program was. I was looking for a better curriculum since I was a PISD teacher for 8 years and I had high standards for my child’s education.  I went and observed one day and fell in love with what I saw. Ethan started in the winter of 2015. I liked the school and the curriculum so much that I applied for a job.  So this school year I had the honor to not only have my child at LS&S but to work there. It was such a joy. I understood why the kids were learning so much and were so engaged. It wasn’t only the curriculum but the love and the constant encouragement given by the teachers.  It is a great atmosphere, very professional and supportive. All the teachers work together to make LS&S a place that gives off good energy. I feel this is very important for the children.  I just wish I had found it sooner so my oldest son could have attended.  Ethan learned so much, he is ready for kindergarten... but he sure is going to miss Mrs. Meg and all the teachers! He got to know all of them and adores them ALL!!!! Just like I DO!!!" - Mona Jackson 2016

"I read some books and I thought you would be happy about it! And they were really big books! I miss you from preschool- I wish I could start my life over so I can go to preschool again!" -  Love, Claire (Previous student)   She read two books on her own and the first thing she said was "I'm so proud of myself- I need to tell Miss Meg about this!" - (Mom) Debi 2016

  • "We feel so blessed to have enrolled Thomas in the LS&S school.  He gets excited whenever we mention the word "school" at home.  We feel that he has benefited tremendously, as parents, we believe that you BOTH have gone above and beyond in his social and intellectual development.  Thank you for investing your time in our son." - Tom and Denice Hayden 2015

"I do not know if you are familiar with "aimsweb" but I wanted to share my son's report.  The teacher tests the students in letter recognition and sounds and number recognition.  My son tested in the 98% to 100% in all areas compared to other students in the nation.  He is way above from where he has to be for a child in kindergarten.  I am very proud of him and I am very thankful to LS&S.  Thank you for the dedication to the students.  I am sorry if I doubted.  Please continue working with the students as you are doing."  God Bless - Ms. Schuster 2014

  • "Little Saints and Scholars is a friendly, caring, safe, fun environment for children.  Staff & teachers are encouraging and engaging. 4 of my children have gone through this program and I have seen each one grow and blossom because of it. Highly Recommend!" - Polly Myer, 2014

"I have truly loved having my son at LSS for the past two years and look forward to him coming back for his third year. He loves all of the staff and really loves going to school to see his teachers and friends. I have seen him learn so much in the time that he has been there, it is a wonderful program to be apart of! You guys have gone above and beyond to make school a wonderful experience for him and the other students. The teachers are all very compassionate and loving towards the students in their class, I love seeing the smiles and excitment on their faces when I drop him off at school in the morning. I personally couldn't be happier, and I love being apart of the LS&S family."- Alisa Moore, 2014

  • "My daughter began preschool halfway through the year. We had just moved to Plano and we were recommended to LS&S by a friend. In the six short months that Mikayla has been attending, she has learned so much. She's only four but can spell and write her name, speak Spanish and can recognize words in books. Not only that, but her social skills have improved drastically. She wakes up asking to go to school everyday. I'm so happy that in our hectic life, we have found a place that can give Mikayla so much joy. Little Saints is truly a blessing in our life and WE can't wait to be back next year." - Jennifer Land 2014

"We have had the best experience at your school this year!  We know our daughter loves all you guys, and all of her friends, too.  She is always so excited to go to school, and you guys go above and beyond to make school a special experience for the kids.  Kevin and I couldn't be happier, and we feel so lucky to be a part of LSS." - Michelle Giltner, 2013

  • "I have loved having our daughter there this year.  She loves all of her teachers and really looks forward to seeing everyone each week.  It is so nice to have such a great program at our church where she can learn more about our faith.  I have really seen tremendous growth in her spiritual life, even though she is so little.  I appreciate all that you and the staff do for our kids!"  -Angela Waters, 2013

"Little Saints and Scholars has played an integral role in preparing our son and daughter for full time school.  The teachers are well qualified, caring individuals.  With two instructors in every room my children received significant personal attention.  The role of pre-school is to prepare children for regular school; to teach them about letters, numbers, and how to behave in a school setting.  Little Saints and Scholars thouroughly accomplishes this, but as a Christian pre-school teaches the children that God loves them, and WHY they should be kind to others.  By the time my son was in first grade, 3 out of the 5 GT first grade students in his school had attended pre-school at LS&S.  While not a statiscally significant number, that is an incredible anecdote for the experience and education children receive at LS&S. Perhaps most importantly, both of our children love school and are excited about learning -- a precedant that was firmly set by their time at Little Saints and Scholars." - Allie and Mark Volpi, 2011

  • "Little Saints and Scholars was the perfect experience for our son.  We enrolled Trey as a young 4 year old to the pre-school program with hopes that he'd make some new friends, gain self-confidence and the fundamentals of education.  LS & S taught him so much more!  After completing two years at the school, Trey is fully prepared to begin first grade at Smith Elementary (Wylie ISD).  He retained the Kindergarten curriculum, made some lifelong friends and we have memories that we'll cherish forever.  Our family especially loved that the curriculum at Little Saints and Scholars included faith formation and Spanish on a regular basis.  Trey was always excited to come home and share everything that he learned.  Being that Trey was our first child, we wanted to confidently transition him from staying at home into a school system that we felt would nurture our child the same way.  Little Saints and Scholars supports the family system and encourages parents to be involved, while all of the teachers are certified and fully capable.  We even "lucked out" and had the Collin County Teacher of the Year" for Kindergarten.  The school was a perfect fit for us:  we loved that the kids were able to move from class to class - vs. staying in one classroom all day, we felt the tuition rates were very competitive for the education and care that was being provided, and the hours were just right - not too short and not too long for the students.  We are so thankful for our decision to enroll Trey at LS & S and we can't wait until our daughter is ready to begin her education there in the next few years." - Shannon and Joe O'Toole, 2011