Little Saints and Scholars will help your four year old prepare for Kindergarten.  We understand how energetic and imaginative four year olds are about the world.  They are able to learn new words quickly and use them while talking with you and telling wild stories.  They are able to recognize words in simple books, write their name, understand concepts such as smallest to biggest and yesterday, today and tomorrow. They feel good about the things they can do, showing self confidence and being very adventurous.The four year old has basic understanding of concepts related to number, size, weight, colors, textures, distance, position, and time.  They have a longer attention span and are able to finish projects.  At Little Saints and Scholars we will encourage interest in writing and words. We will provide a variety of art experiences. Make play dough. Create collages from magazine pictures, fabric, wallpaper, and newsprint. Teach children to mix different colors with paint. Teach important number and space concepts. Sort and count everything in sight, like silverware, socks, rocks, leaves, etc. Talk about things being in, on, under, behind, beside, before and after, larger than, too far, etc.  Four-year-olds have a strong need to feel important and worthwhile. We will praise accomplishments, and provide opportunities to experience freedom and independence.  We will encourage physical development by playing follow the leader, pretend to walk like various animals, and set up obstacle courses indoors with challenges such as crawling, climbing, leaping, balancing, and running across stepping stones.